VERTIGARDEN is a special system of green wall covering, dedicated to the creation of VERTICAL GARDENS and GREEN ROOFS, using the technology of GREEN HYDROPONIC PANELS (without soil) and MODULAR PANELS.

VERTIGARDEN has come to revolutionize the concept of VERTICAL GARDENS and GREEN ROOFS in BRAZIL through energy efficiency, landscape aesthetics, easy installation, and highly competitive costs. We seek every square meter of wall or roof as rewarding practices for every square meter of waterproofed wall. We believe in a future filled with vegetated coatings, with installation as quick and practical as the curtain walls or retrofit widely used by architects in the contemporary constructions of large cities.

Corporate line

Gardens for large scales
(corporate line)

Vertigarden - Corporativa Line is an innovative product for the construction of Vertical Gardens, ideal for Large Corporate Spaces and Large Houses.

Vertigarden is an innovative product focused on vertical garden construction through the usage of modular panels, full-grown plants can be installed on entire building facades, substituting traditional pre-made coatings like ACM (Aluminum Composite Material), curtain wall or stone cladding.

The installation is done by a simple and efficient way, without generating construction waste or causing damage to the place. The installation is as simple as hanging a painting on the wall. Waste-free! The vegetation used is exclusive, and the system allows landscaping and three-dimensional graphic designs that no other product on the market offers!

Our product is the main choice of corporate clients, since it was developed to comply with the highest market demands. Vertigarden's vertical gardens feature a high technology of irrigation automation and plant fertilization resulting in low maintenance, low water consumption and high reliability.

Benefits and technology

  • Durability of the planting modules superior to 30 years;
  • Lightweight product: 50 kg/m2 when planted and saturated;
  • Clean, versatile, secure and extremely fast installation: 90% of our services run off-site;
  • Fully automated and efficient irrigation system: Saves water, allowing the use of reclaimed water;
  • Immediate visual transformation;
  • Extended Warranty on plants with Vertigarden’s Maintenance
  • PInnovative project and design - landscaping design signed in partnership with architects, engineers and landscapers;
  • Tried and approved plants allow different shapes, textures and shades;
  • Easy and dynamic maintenance with specialized crew for periodic maintenance;
  • Nutritional control with super-soluble fertilizers developed exclusively for vertical gardens;
  • Full warranty: for a period of 5 year for materials, 1-year warranty for equipment and for 3 months for plant species*;
  • Green Building Council certification;
  • Remote monitoring via smartphone or internet, it allows total control of the system;
* Extended Warranty is exclusive to customers who sign up for the annual periodic maintenance.


1. Elaboration of executive project
2. Planting in Vertigarden Nurseries (off-site)
3. Acclimatization and “fatten up” in the Vertigarden nurseries (off-site)
4. Transportation on Special Storage Racks
5. On-site unloading on vertical panel storage racks
6. Installation of the Automation Control Panel (on site)
7. Installation of the Panels on the facades (on site)
8. Setting up and starting the system (on site and remote)
9. Remote monitoring of the vertical garden (off site)
10. Maintenance and Warranty

Gardens for houses and small commercial areas (Home Light Line)

Vertigarden - Home Light Line is a unique and exclusive product for creating vertical gardens, in a lighter line and ideal for smaller areas. Its innovative technology allows lower water consumption while maintaining the health and integrity of the plants without changing the quality standard of the Vertigarden Corporate line.

The installation is simple and efficient, without any inconvenience or dirt due to the prepackaging of the plants in the "planting envelopes" that are found in our Kit. The vegetation used is exclusive, and the system allows landscaping and three-dimensional graphic designs that no other product on the market offers!

To meet our public expectations at a national level, Vertigarden - "Home Light Line" sought the best professionals in each Brazilian state to be a Trained and Certified Installer.

Benefits and technology

  • The smallest and most compact panel with durability for at least 30 years;
  • Super Light: 9 kg/m² (dry panel) and 40 kg/m² (maximum weight when planted and saturated);
  • Easy-to-handle and controlled via Bluetooth irrigation system that meets plant needs and prevents water waste;
  • System of Fertilization with water, which facilitates at the time of the daily nutrition of the plants.
  • Holding system that distances the garden from the wall causing no disturbances with moisture and infiltrations;
  • The irrigation system is connected directly to a faucet or plumbing;
  • The plants are "enveloped" in special hydroponic felts for planting, for pre-rooting and protection of seedlings, reducing the rate of losses and contributing to an environment more propitious to their development;
  • It allows to create styles of Vertical Gardens with different volumes and landscaping design.


1. Elaboration of executive project
2. Packing of the seedlings in "Planting envelopes" (off site)
3. Installation of aluminum support on the wall
4. Insertion of the hydroponic panels in panel holders (on site)
5. Installation of automation kit (on site)
6. Planting
7. Setting up and starting the system (on site and remote)

Green Roofs

Currently, the Vertigarden system of Green Roof construction consists of planting different plant species on organic and turfous substrate and it can be applied in flat slabs or tiles of different materials, that are most commonly made of metal, in different slopes, thanks to our system of "substrate pillows" or "planting bags".

Upcoming: Green Roofs Vertigarden Hydroponic Line "Vegetal Skin"

Benefits and technology

  • Soundproofing
  • Thermal insulation
  • Energy saving
  • Fighting the Greenhouse Effect
  • Absorption of rainwater, delaying drainage
  • Decreased Pollution
  • Use of Spaces
  • Gain of Green Areas


1. Elaboration of executive project
2. Waterproofing
3. Preparation of the planting base with the drainage system
4. Preparation of "Planting Pillows" or "Planting Bags"
5. Planting
6. Setting up and starting the system (on site and remote)

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