Vertigarden Fertilizer Line

Vertigarden's line of mineral fertilizers consists of highly water-soluble fertilizers that offer the complete solution in plant nutrition for your vertical hydroponic Garden. The "spring / summer" and "autumn / winter" formulas are responsible for supplying the essential macro elements like nitrogen phosphorus and potassium (NPK) in the ideal quantity for each season, while the "complement" formula is responsible for promoting the microelements in the ideal measure for all types of plants offered in the Vertical Garden, resulting in more beautiful, lush and healthy plants. Available in 1L or 10L gallons.

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Grow lights for photosynthesis

Our set of photosynthetic grow lights is intended to emit light with the ideal wavelengths so that plants can perform their photosynthesis process and consequently prepare their food. Recommended for indoor spaces and low light environments our light kit can be attached directly to the support structures of hydroponic panels in a simple and fast way, without the need for special tools. Available in basic colors: matte and black or in made to order custom colors.

Metal sun breakers

Our set of decorative sun breakers has the purpose of replacing the standard vegetated panels bringing aesthetic options to the project. Aluminum made, they are easy to install and can be added to the vertical gardens, bringing creativity and versatility to the environments since they come in different colors and shades or even simulate wood grain.

Remote sensing

Recommended mainly for corporate environments, our remote sensing line allows you to follow the irrigation and daily fertirrigation cycles through spreadsheets and graphics transmitted online and live. The complete kit includes water flow sensors that identify the periods of irrigation and their respective times and frequency, and level sensors for fertilizer tank, water tank, including, temperature and humidity inside the engine room. Warning alerts are transmitted whenever the sensors detect a problem, giving the facilities manager time to anticipate the solutions to the detected problem.