Vertigarden, specialized in overcoming challenges!

In 2008, VERTIGARDEN found inspiration in the European Landscaping Market to start what is now the largest and most technological vertical building and green roof construction company in Brazil.

Supported by a large construction company in São Paulo, focused on sustainability, Vertigarden has definitively consolidated its Hydroponic and Modular Green Panels technology with the implementation of one of the largest vertical hydroponic gardens in Brazil, at the Sírio Libanês Hospital, with approximately 1,000 square meters of area, more specifically located at 09 de Julho Ave, São Paulo, near MASP.

Usina de Inovação

“Usina de Inovação”: Situated in the Industrial Center of the Brazilian Agrobusiness

Located in the historic district of Monte Alegre in Piracicaba - SP, “Usina de Inovação” is a high impact business environment designed to provide the ideal infrastructure and support to bring together entrepreneurs, startups, producers, investors, Startup accelerators, funds, academy and research institutes.


ESALQ – USP: Technological and Scientific Support

Located in Piracicaba - SP, ESALQ is situated in one of the most beautiful university campuses in the country, with gardens, parks and historic buildings, listed as State Public Patrimony,

Vertigarden is a neighbor of this public institution, which through its research, teaching and promotion of new technologies, advance the horizon of agricultural and environmental knowledge, contributing to the research and extension work in the development of advanced technologies created by the company in the field of living walls.

Vertigarden Head Office

Head Office Vertigarden. art and history, on the facade and in memory!

Located in the district of Monte Alegre, inside "Usina de Inovação" and next to ESALQ - USP - Piracicaba - SP, Vertigarden has on the facade of its office the remembrances and traces of a historical patrimony of the city, registered by CONDEPHAAT.

Vertigarden Nurseries

Vertigarden Nurseries: We see Sustainability in our Processes and Not Only in Vertical Garden Construction!

The company also has its own nurseries, located in the middle of the 1880 ruins of the old mill of the Monte Alegre plant, which provide an ideal condition for protected cultivation for the vegetal specimens that constitute our vertical gardens.

This way, Vertigarden is able to deliver to its customers living walls full of adult plants, rooted and acclimatized in finished panels, with fast, clean and efficient installations, without wasting materials or generating rubble and without causing stress to the protagonists of our works, the plants, which present reduced mortality rate since they have already gone through all the processes of adaptation to the hydroponic vertical system, inside our nurseries, before arriving at the place of destination.

The team

Our team, a responsible family!

With a multidisciplinary team of Agronomists, Landscape Designers, Managers, Architects and Horticulturist, Vertigarden also has highly qualified professionals to work at height, who are true “climber gardeners”, the protagonists of the installation and maintenance of our gardens.

Green Building Council Brasil

A member of the Green Building Council Brasil since its foundation, Vertigarden believes that the sustainability of its products is strongly linked to the logistics and production of the panels 90% off-site, optimizing available resources and minimizing costs and losses with less stressful conditions for the plants.